Zumix Pod Kit


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Inspired by the design of pens, univapo invented zumix, the new generation EDC vape pen. The cap can be taken off and on, just like the pen, kind of a stess buster, for a vape pen, besides this amazing stress relieving add-on, the zumix pod equipped with a 1.3ohm SS316L coil. Featuring with three different voltage modes, it also supports auto fire, which brings even more convenience and flavor to your daily vaping.

The brush finish and shot-blast, which are rarely seen on pod devices, are applied to each color on zumix accordingly. The moment you hold it, you'll crush on it. By quickly tapping 3 times of the fire button within 2 seconds when power on, you can successfully switch the output voltage between 3.1V, 3.4V and 3.7V. Different modes, diverse experience!

The pod is easily taken down with only one finger pushing from the side, which largely facilitates the processes and won't mess up your hands when replacing it. By taking off and on the pen cap in sucession, you can effectively ease your mood. Double relaxing enjoyment with vaping at hand. 


Size: 16*96.45mm

Battery Capacity: 430mAh

Output voltage: 3.1/3.4/3.7V

Coil parameters: 1.3ohm SS316L

Pod capacity: 1.5ML

Output Mode: Voltage

Net weight:28.3g

Refilling System: Side Filling

Package Contents

2 x Pods

1 x Battery

1 x Lanyard

1 x USB cable

1 x User manual







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